Five Worthwhile Reasons Why You Should Try Your Pet Out With A Cat Bed

If you had not already realised with your own cat, cats can be unpredictably picky. You can get them the most costly wet cat food from your grocery store, or that scratching post you’d think they would love since they are frequently shredding up the carpets – but for some mysterious reason, they’ve got absolutely no interest.

“So should I worry about purchasing a cat bed then?” – is the common concern that comes to most peoples’ minds when it comes to purchasing a cat bed.

Well it’s a good question. But on the flip side, here are 5 excellent points as to why you should try and inspire your dog to use a comfortable cat bed.

To start with, it provides them with their own little retreat. Often cats just want to have their own space to leave the noises of other domestic pets, guests, the tv and children. So a nice cat bed in a quiet area offers them a cosy area to relax in harmony.

If you position the cat bed in a secluded position, like in a free room or in a corner of a quiet place, you will offer them something so tempting that they most likely won’t be able to turn down.

Reason two; it provides them a location to make use of on a regular basis. Living rooms, bed rooms, sofas, armchairs and dinner tables are common hangouts for slumbering pets.

It will stop them from napping on top of your much-loved sleeping spot all the time – which is often frustrating to be honest. So offer them a location that they can call their own bed.

Thirdly a cat bed looks way more trendy and appropriate than bedroom pillows and other old linens. When your cat’s resting on your old linens; it may look very comfy – but it doesn’t look specifically attractive for you to look at.

Getting your pet a new cat bed enables you to give them something comfy without compromising on taste and the visual appeal of your house.

Fourthly, you can create a comfy and cosy retreat for them outdoors. A cat bed can be put in a discreet place outdoors, like in a shed, garage or green house as an example, to offer your pussy-cat an outside alternative getaway if that’s their thing.

Also in the summertime, you can put it in the backyard and put your cat bed in a lovely shaded area to allow them to unwind in comfort outdoors.

Reason 5: Make them hot in the wintertime with a special radiator cat bed. If your pet loves to lean up tight to warm spots then a radiator cat bed will be perfect for them. It will make them cosy in the winter months and they will like the heightened position – it’s like a small hideout for them!

With those 5 reasons – you’re probably a bit keener to try your cat out with a cat bed. You can give the gift of luxury, and it gives your cat their very own rest space all from around 10-30 pounds – so it is really worth thinking about.

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Purchasing a New Bird Cage – 5 Facts to Consider

One of the fundamentals in having and caring for a pet bird is providing an appropriate living environment. With the myriad of bird cages in the marketplace, it will overwhelm many new buyers and frequently leaves pets in improper habitats to live in.

Using a few simple rules and considering Five points will allow you to get the perfect bird cage and leave your flying friend happy to develop socially. Here are our 5 best points:

  1. Location and placement of the new cage
  2. Selecting the appropriate size cage for your animal
  3. Appropriate bar spacing for the cage
  4. Design and shape of your cage
  5. Workmanship and quality of the new cage

Location and positioning of the new bird cage

It’s really imperative that you think about the place you would like your bird to reside in your home. You should consider offering sufficient natural light, sufficient warmth and plenty of sociable interaction. With those ideas in your mind, make sure you get a bird cage which is suitable for the place you need to place it.

A massive hint from us – keep your feathered friend away from drafts and windows. It will get far too warm on sunny days and will get really chilly during the winter season.

Selecting the right size bird cage for your birds

This one might sound obvious, but when buying your bird cage online it is very easy to not clearly understand measurements and sizes of the goods that you’re buying. Always purchase the biggest bird cage for the bird as you can find the money for or support at home. By the time you fill it up with perches, toys and food dishes, they need to have space to walk around pleasantly and flap their wings!

Selecting a cage that is too small will make your bird feel like a captive. Just like humans, extended subjection to a cramped environment with little space for mobility will have mental effects – screaming, biting and feather pulling are only a few signs your pet bird might be stressed out by its bird cage.

Suitable bar spacing for your cage

Much like choosing the right sized bird cage, you also should get a bird cage that will securely contain your pet bird. Smallish birds like finches and canaries need cages with bars relatively close to each other. Lots of owners can unwittingly expose their pets to the opportunity of escape (birds are amazing escape artists too by the way!).

Bigger animals will love bird cages who have horizontal instead of vertical bars, because it offers them the chance to climb and get a look at things from a different point of view – its great exercise for them too!

Design and shape of your bird cage

The style of the cage is also a factor that you should take into consideration – not just to complement the style of the area it will be living in either!
According to veterinary research, round bird cages have been discovered to be detrimental to a bird’s psychological health. Knowing that, it is recommended that you get an angled bird cage. Most bird cages can be hung or placed on a stand, and angled cages can be found for all varieties of pet birds.

Craftsmanship and quality of your new bird cage

An effectively created bird cage will give you and your pet many years of enjoyment, so it’s worth buying from a good pet supplies store – since they will have the top equipment for your bird.

The very best cages are constructed with stainless-steel – that won’t chip, are easy to clean and are non-toxic. It is also worth considering cages which have perches and cups already mounted, they are intelligently placed to give your bird maximum room in which to enjoy life!

With just that little bit of preparing, you can guarantee that the standard of living for your animal is perfect and you will enjoy handling your animal, whilst admiring its trendy new bird cage!